Yussef Kamaal – Black Focus

A sound never heard before, is just one of its qualities. Debut release by Yussef Kamaal duo is all about drums and keys. There’s always this contrast between rhythm, and melody, leaving an empty space for the listener.

Yes, the solos are nice, and they do show off. Still, what’s nice about it is that they are capable of slowing it down and forgetting about impressive skills they have on their instruments, fully committing their playing to the pure emotional cause. Enjoy the stream and shop it if you can! Thanks.

Yussef Kamaal is a London-based jazz-funk duo whose members are Yussef Dayes and Kamaal Williams (aka Henry Wu). Interestingly – and one suspects not coincidentally — their name recalls the great Egyptian artist Kamal Yussef, a founding member of the influential, aesthetically revolutionary, and multi-disciplinary Groupe de L’Art Contemporain in Cairo in the 1940s. The band’s sound represents a collision of ’70s jazz-funk with 21st century London bass, beat, and hip-hop.

Both are South Londoners. Dayes is a drummer for Afrobeat band United Vibrations, while Williams is a well-known producer, keyboard player, and drummer who has issued a series of 12″ singles under his given name.



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