Bora Rokovic – Ultra Native


Another gem of Yugoslavian avant-garde jazz scene. Eccentric, periodically insane, yet never loosing the groove too much. Themes are serious and emotionally complex. Bora plays incredible when on Rhodes piano. His soft touch is exactly what the instrument needs to unleash an absolute magic. Very nice!

Bora Rokovic is a famous Serbian pianist, composer and arranger, the moving spirit of the post-war Belgrade and even the Yugoslav jazz. He was born in 1925 in the “Veliki Bečkerek”, started playing piano at the age of eleven. His models were Duke Ellington, Count Basie, mostly though Art Tatum, which certainly influenced his musical development and preference. Bora was a great musical talent and a very gifted pianist, a multi instrumentalist playing the accordion, trumpet, as well as drums. This broad and comprehensive knowledge of musical instruments was of great help when later in his career decided to compose. He was a long-standing studio musician at Radio Cologne, the prolific composer and arranger, pianist of extraordinary technique and inventiveness.


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