Meeting By Chance – Inside Out [Interview]


Gentle, touchy, dreamy, sensitive, sounds like love. Rhythmically it’s very cool and easy, especially by it’s tempo, characterized by acoustical drum kit with an accent at jazz ride. Highly detailed production and skilled sound design by the artist perfectly swims in reverberation, giving plenty of choices on what to focus while enjoying this piece of art.
Inside Out is a sophisticated fusion of synthesized sounds, noise and mellowness. It floats from end to end like some sort of an esoteric liquid, could be the right metaphor. Let’s see what Marcin has to say about it…

INTERVIEW with Meeting By Chance

Boca Vasionski: First of all, congratulations for the new LP!
Question that was instantly in my mind when listened to Inside Out… What kind of beauty have you lived trough while working on the album? In other words, what part of life can be transformed and reflected into this kind of sounds?

Meeting By Chance
: Thanks! I think it’s all about imagination. It’s a kind of dream, feeling that can be transformed into sounds. I always wanted to make kind of ambient/vocal record. I always listened to Sade, Brian Eno kind of sounds (these musics are great inspiration for me) but working as Skalpel made it hard to finalize full recording. Maybe I also had to wait till I see the vision of full album – through the years of making music I found that there is no way to rush with composing. Each idea have to grow inside first.

Boca Vasionski: Is there any else important influence you would like to mention that shaped you as a musician, and on a personal scale?

Meeting By Chance
: My early influences are like J.M. Jarre “Zoolook”, Jon and Vangelis “The Friends of Mr.
Cairo” then I jumped into some music like Helmet, Primus, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, NoFX, etc … then some
instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop… So the sound palette is quite big… Core of my music is very simple ambient,
bass and drums. I feel I did not change through the years, I am still developing it – making tunes with as
little tracks, instruments as possible gives best results for me. I try to compose in minimalistic kind of

Boca VasionskiWhat about the idea before you started working on the album? What’s the story in behind?

Meeting By Chance
: I started to think of solo record in 2011. Back then I was running Common Creatives blog 365Breaks hosted by SoundCloud. I managed to have more-less 140.000 followers!! I still have no idea how it happened it was growing so fast… On the blog I was releasing one free to use audio loop every day. Then I thought that last one should be very special – so I wrote to legendary hip-hop producer Steinski if he could cooperate on the last one. He answered “why not?”. And here it is as free download till now.

At that time I had idea of cooperating with people that I accidentally met on internet… and while surfing on or similar blog I saw sequenced photo called Chance Meeting. It completed my vision of future work as much that I decided to name my project Meeting by Chance.bcbc25c6b5da5220e402ecd9b78d9f28 This photo works similar way to story telling with audio sequencer… Six photos like audio bricks that shows whole story… Awesome and so simple… Whole my life I was making music on my own, I felt I need to be more open for cooperation… Today I’m holding “inside out” LP as my personal reward.

Boca Vasionski
: The creation, but this time about the technical aspect of it. What’s the ratio of in the box/digital part of the album, and analogue recordings of acoustical instruments/vocals?

Meeting By Chance: My first recordings were made with Tascam multi channel recorder, then I switched to Cubase and Atari. I finished with analog/digital mastering studio PlugAudio. Times changes as technology. With some experience doing very organic natural sounding recording in the box is not so hard today. I stopped to be analog purist… I’m sure I already bought my last tube compressor, equalizer… Btw, they are very expensive and when independent music do not sell well these days I needed to adopt to new realities.

Boca Vasionski: Last question. How would you rate Polish Jazz Scene today and is there any young artist that you’d like to mention?

Meeting By Chance: polish-jazz-recordings-and-beyondI’m not Polish jazz follower for a while. But few to mention are: Pianohooligan , duo Mikrokolektyw, there is also great source of information on polish music on this book called “Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond” that describes about 2000 records from Poland.

Boca Vasionski: Thanks Marcin, was a pleasure to talk trough your art. I wish you a lot of success with Inside Out!

Meeting By Chance: Thank you very much. Enjoy the music.



Meeting By Chance is a solo project of Marcin Cichy co-creator of the legendary Polish duo Skalpel (Ninja Tune), one of the most important talents from Poland to come into the international limelight. Meeting by Chance takes its influence from a chance meeting with three female vocalists who are featured throughout the entire album. Ayuko and Mayuko from Japan and Magda added a unique and intimate feel to the project. Dominik Tarabinski’s photo on the cover gave some flesh to this spacious productions bones.

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