Darryl Reeves – Mercury

Darryl Reeves

Spaced out, soulful, broken but groovy, with strong influences of Herbie Hancock and Sun Ra music. Still, pretty innovative in many ways!
Very modern sound production that is amazingly tight in its colorful stereo image is definitely the first thing to notice. Impressive arrangements, permeated by very creative solo progressions, in which synth pads played by Darryl himself act as some sort of a dimension switches. On top of it all, various vocals featuring the release are in a perfect correlation with the quartet.
I must say that I’m stunned by the Mercury and its input of fresh energy into jazz concepts!
Take a listen to the full stream below and have a nice ride.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Darryl Reeves is a saxophonist that effortlessly merges the lines between funk, soul & hip-hop, expressed from a platform rooted in jazz. Moved by hip-hop samples originating from jazz, Reeves was led to being influenced by greats such as Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Reeves studied music at Jackson State University. He subsequently completed his Masters of Music at the University of New Orleans, where he studied with Terence Blanchard and performed on the scene with Delfeayo Marsalis. In 2004, Reeves released the funky and playful Diary of a Bandstand, to ample acclaim. It featured Robert Glasper, Russell Gunn & Quamon Fowler and cemented Reeves’ reputation for presenting a new outlook on the sound, style and production of jazz music. Reeves has a kept a steady hand in not being limited to any specific genre. Some know him just as well for his production in hip-hop. Recently in Atlanta, he has been the music director of many highly acclaimed live sets with Aishah Rashied Hyman’s Spreadlove and DJ Kemit. He has performed and recorded with notable artists including Roy Ayers, Frank McComb, Jill Scott, Phonte, Toku, Janelle Monae, B.O.B. and T-Pain.z


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