TM Juke – Maps From The Wilderness


It’s a mellow thing plated with beautiful singing by Alice Russel and sampled jazz records from 50s. The debut album by TM Juke, released in 2003 for Tru Thoughts record label, could be classified as a nu soul/funk release. Music filled with teasing pianos, vibraphone solos, horn stabs and guitar licks which are perfectly laying on top of a usually steady hip hop beat, is able to take you to a very relaxed and pleasureful trip. After listening to Maps From The Wilderness, I’m sure that you’ll realize how it perfectly justifies it’s name. Enjoy!

Trained on classical and jazz guitar, TM Juke (born Alex Cowan) picked up the sampler as a teenager, partially as a way to annoy his father (who had been insisting that his son take formal music lessons since Alex was seven), and partially because of his love of hip-hop. At 23 he released his first full-length album, as already stated. After remixing songs for countless other artists, in 2005 he teamed up with British singer Alice Russell to co-write and produce her debut, My Favourite Letters. The following year Forward came out, a joint release on Ubiquity and Tru Thoughts, and featured the same jazz, soul, funk, and hip-hop-flavored organic electronica that had been found on his first record.




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