Skalpel – Konfusion

skalpel-rehearsal_fot-bartosz_holoszkiewicz_www-holophoto-pl_Slavic jazz, this time it’s Polish. However, this is no jazz band, but a nu jazz trip-hop duo. Despite being producers/DJs, their overall product grooves like a live jazz group and possibly better than some live groups. Konfusion is deep, dark and heavy, mostly sampled from 60s and 70s Polish jazz records. The album is released in 2005 for Ninja Tune record label. There’s also a bonus CD, named Break In. In case you become addicted to Konfusion, you should get it as well. I have to warn jazz purists here, it’s a very unusual sound. Enjoy!

Skalpel are Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudlo, DJs/producers from Wroclaw, Poland. The year 2000 was a landmark for them, as they traveled the country with DJ Vadim and his Russian Percussion, presenting an amazing 4-deck show. Later that year they released demo CD-R titled “Polish Jazz,” which not only received a lot of critical acclaim, but also led Skalpel to signing a contract with Ninja Tune.

Bonus Stuff:

Yesterday I had a pleasure of chatting with Marcin Cichy, when he revealed me his very interesting personal project Meeting By Chance, as well as his newly made music under the same name. Remixes of still unreleased album by the artist, titled Moon Rock, published for Aztek Electronic Music record label, you can stream below.
Also, Marcin announced a new album by Skalpel duo. As stated, it’s finished and it’s gonna be out this year. So, let’s wait for it ;)




  1. Francisco

    Where do I buy your music?


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