Tone Jansa Quartet – GOA

jansa - pattern b

Psychedelic Balkan free jazz could be the best definition of this amazing album, released in 1983 for Jugoton record label. Somehow, maybe it’s my subjective origin based opinion, but the traditional sound of Balkan is in a perfect emotional synergy with the jazz form played by the artists. Themes are  utterly contagious, while inspiring solos will fly you away into a complete trance. With such a soul given play, Tone Janša celebrates the tenth anniversary of the existence of his quartet. Definitely, a true gem of Yugoslavian jazz. Enjoy!

After having finished his studies in Classical music and Jazz in Graz and after his Jazz studies at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Tone Janša returned to Yugoslavia, joined the RTV Ljubljana Big Band as saxophonist and devoted more time to his own music and quartet. His music owes much to Trane-ish manner of building a solo use of trills. Also, there’s a huge influence of Eastern European folk reed instruments.





  1. You are welcome! Thanks for consuming it, soul brother ;)


  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing music !


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