The Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia Experiment

The radically diverse crew plays with ease. It sounds like they are laughing while crazed on their instruments. Very often, weird choice of tones by Uri Caine is cutting through the steady Hip-Jazz groove by Questlove and McBride. The final result is an eclectic, but still predominantly funky album. Insane funk might be the right categorization. Highly recommended.


The Philadelphia Experiment is the self-titled album, released in June 12, 2001 for Ropeadope Records, resulting from a collaborative project including Uri Caine (keyboards), Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson (drums) and Christian McBride (bass). Guest musicians include Pat Martino (electric guitar), Jon Swana (trumpet) and Larry Gold (cello and arrangement). Though all from Philadelphia, each musician brings their unique musical background. Caine is an avant-garde pianist, Thompson is a hip-hop drummer and McBride a jazz bassist.





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